I am the enemy!



If I ever met a guy in the real world,

who looked at me the way you just looked

at me...



When and where does the real world

occur? I am really... confused here.

Fuck! All these Rules And all these

sayings... and nicknames...



You know -- you're too sweet for rock

and roll.



Where do you get off... where do you

get "sweet?" I'm not sweet. I'm dark

and mysterious and pissed-off and I

could be very dangerous to all of you...

I'm not sweet, and you should know

that about me! I am The Enemy.



You're not any of those things and

That's what I love about you.


Almost Famous (2000)



Cualquier Parecido con la blogósfera y las tristes pretensiones de algunos… Es mera coincidencia.


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